Saturday, January 26, 2013


Sunglasses seem to serve a fairly simple purpose; to keep the sun out of our eyes, right? Yet since their invention this practical item has been transformed into a symbol of fashion and even rebellion.  Think of James Dean in 'Rebel Without a Cause' or more recently, Lady Gaga with her out-there eyewear.

Pure Poison have released these too-cool-for-school Meira Mesh Sunglasses that even Ms Gaga herself would love to get her hands on! The studded detail along the top of the frames has that punk meets chic feel while the shape is reminiscent of those hornrimmed sets from the forties and fifties.  

The lenses themselves have the shape of the Raybans that were so very uber-cool in the eighties; in fact, these specs seem to have borrowed the best from every decade in order to create the ultimate in eyewear.

The Meira Mesh Sunglasses are available in either Silver or Gold.  Each set retails for 100$L and can be found instore at Pure Poison.  The following SLURL will take you directly to both sets:

You can also find both pairs of the Meira Sunglasses on Pure Poison's page on Marketplace, just click on the following link:

I thought I'd try the whole rebel thing and do as the song says; 'I wear my sunglasses at night'... Well this is about as rebellious as I get! These sunnies look great with red lips and a leather jacket.  Well I'm off to sort my recyclables from my regular rubbish...guess I'm not that much of a rebel afterall!

My regular readers will know I'm an Aussie girl, and today being the 26th January, it is officially Australia Day! For many this means a day with friends or family, having a barbecue or, my personal favourite, a day at the beach.  I grabbed my towel and sunscreen and headed off for a day of sun and sand and surf.  And what better opportunity to try out a couple of new releases from Diamond Style? 

I think I've perfected my bronzed Aussie look here with Diamond Styles latest release Misha Skin.  This skin has such a natural look to it, I just love the muscle tone and detailed shading.  You can see it especially around my knees, stomach and collar bones; just fantastic application of light and shadow.  The whole skin has that lovely healthy glow you find only on quality skins.

The Cora 2 Bikini really brings out the tanned tone of my skin.  This swimsuit comes with the chic wide-brimmed summer hat and is another new release from Diamond Style.  I am loving animal prints soooo much at the moment and they are literally everywhere in SL right now; so you can be sure to be totally in vogue in this number.

I love the white gold clasps on the Cora 2 Bikini.  Adding them to both the top and bottom halves of the swimsuit creates cohesion and balance throughout the outfit, and also echoes the band on that superb hat.  

Diamond Style have released the Cora Swimsuit in six uber-cool prints in a variety of fabulous colours.  These are available for 150$L each and if you head on over to Diamond style you can pick up one or all of these lovely bikinis:

The Misha Skin has a lovely shiny red lipstick and a light dusting of coral eyeshadow.  I love the smattering of freckles over my face and think it really adds to the sun soaked look.  The brows are nice and natural and would work well with a range of hair colours from black to dark blonde.

The Misha Skin is available only in this one version and for a ridiculously low 300$L; try finding a quality skin that cheap anywhere else in SL! This one is great for all you swimwear models out there.  

You can find the Mischa Skin over at Diamond Style simply by clicking on the following link:

Diamond Style is a collaboration between Cristal Triellis' Diamond Avatar and Christy Hamer's Glamour Style.  Together these two creative designers are able to give us twice as much fantastic variety in skins, makeup, clothing, and indeed everything your avatar needs to be number one in fashion and beauty.  

You can see Diamond Style's creations on the Marketplace via the following URLs:

Being Australia Day, I'd better go throw another shrimp on the barbie, eh? Just kidding; I'm a vegan remember? Also, Aussie's don't even call them shrimps! They are always prawns to us.  And with that bit of trivia I bid you adieu!

Friday, January 25, 2013


As far as Valentine's Day is concerned, I've always thought of lingerie as the ultimate gift.  For her it's a lovely gift of luxurious elegance.  For him, it's a sexy show of satin and lace interspersed with flashes of skin.  Luckily , Carrie's Lingerie are currently releasing a new special every day until February 14th, making finding the perfect gift this Valentine's Day easier than it's ever been.

One such release it this absolutely gorgeous Mandy Set, here in Black and Pink.  This set includes a lovely lace embroidered top, suspenders, sheer lace trimmed gloves and matching stay-ups, and a daring lace detail g-string.  I just love how perfectly everything in this set goes together!

The Mandy Set from Carrie's Lingerie is so sensuous that it even makes lounging around look sexy! As well as the Black and Pink version I am wearing here, Carrie's Lingerie has also released Mandy in Lilac and Pink as well as White and Pink, especially for Valentine's Day.  

This sweet and sexy Mandy Lingerie Set is now available instore at Carrie's Lingerie for 375$L especially for Valentine's Day.  You TP directly to these sets by clicking on the following SLURL:

You can also find the original Mandy Pastel and Mandy Dark sets instore, again for 375$L, right here:

The Mandy Pastel and Mandy Dark sets are also available on Marketplace (however the Valentine's Day special releases are not) and this link will get you to all the available sets:

Another fantastic thing about the Mandy Sets released for Valentine's Day is that you can also purchase the Lola Applicators for these! These shots show how different the lingerie can look with Lolas (above) and without (below).  The applicators for Lola Tangos can be purchased over at the Carrie's Lingerie store for a tiny 50$L per set:

For more information on how to get and set up your Lolas, refer to my previous post here:

Carrie's Lingerie is releasing a new special set every day until Valentine's Day.  As an extra special treat, these are 25% off for the day.  To keep up to date with each release and all the extra news at Carrie's, check out the official Carrie's Lingerie Blog right here:

And be sure to get on over to Carrie's Lingerie's inworld store! The Mandy set may be my fave of these special editions; but what's yours? Time to find out! This landmark will take you over to today's discounted special:

And I have to say; thankyou Carrie's Lingerie for making my Valentine's Day shopping so easy!

Ruffles can be so much fun; it's hard to keep a frown on your face while your dress swishes and shimmies! Luckily, Russh Lussh have some simply gorgeous Ruffle Mesh Dresses now available in store.  And if you pay close attention there's an extra special deal in here for you!

Summer is reborn in the sky blues and sunny yellows of this Posie Ruffle Dress.  This one is perfect for a day at the beach or strolling in the garden, letting the breeze flow over your neck and shoulders.

There are in total eleven variations of the Russh Lussh Ruffle Mesh Dress and each is available for 150$L each.  This blue Posie version can be found instore at Russh Lussh and the following SLURL will take you directly there:

I love the ethnic print in this Focus Ruffle Mesh Dress.  The awesome patterns and earthy tones mean this one is my Pick of the Kitty Litter for this post.  Although all these lovely frocks are actually mini-dresses, the voluminous ruffles prevent them from seeming too revealing.  

Again this one is 150$L and you can find it instore at Russh Lussh by clicking here:

Now; for being so patient and reading this far, I have something a bit special for you! This Floral Version of the Ruffle Mesh Dress is currently on special over at Russh Lussh for a ridiculous 10$L on Nakia Costa's 'Because I Can' wall! The lovely vibrant colours appear like petals on this gorgeous ruffled number.

To scoop up your own Floral Ruffle Mesh Dress, head on over to Russh Lussh.  You will find this item and a whopping five more bargains on Nakia's 'Because I Can' Wall simply by clicking on the following SLURL:

If you recall, quite a while back I modeled some lovely swimsuits for Russh Lussh and noted that these and others are currently on sale over at the store also.  Each suit costs just 60$L and there are currently five on display for you to choose from! For a closer look get clicky here:

Russh Lussh lovely owner and designer Nakia Decosta has also done a sensational blog post on the delightful Ruffle Mesh Dresses that I highly recommend you check out!

I love it when I can bring you specials and bargains and since I know Russh Lussh is full of hidden treasures I was especially delighted to bring you this post.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


We all know that different events and circumstances call for different outfits so it's good to know that Avici cater for all sorts of occasions.  Avici is the label of the ultra-talented Anita Claven, who also happens to be a Second Life photographer and owner of Avici Studios.  Somehow this extremely busy business-woman has managed to make time to release some lovely items and I'm happy to be sharing them with you today.

Your everyday wear doesn't have to be all jeans and sneakers.  Avici's Popping Poppies Mesh Top and Skirt set is a sweet smart casual ensemble that matches a sassy red mini skirt with a floral print off-the-shoulder top.  I especailly love the colours in this one and it just so happens to be my Pick of the Kitty Litter for this post.

I think the off-the-shoulder look on the Popping Poppies is just so fun and cute.  It's also great for showing off toned arms and shoulders.  You can find the complete Popping Poppies outfit instore at Avici for just 200$L by hopping on the following SLURL:

You can also find this one on sale on Avici's Marketplace page via this link:

I love dressing up in retro items and this Blue Moxie Retdress is just so much fun! The cool abstract print is a busy mix of blues and greens with hints of mauve and grey.  The fitted waist flows into a lovely semi-full skirt and this one just screams party time fun.

I absolutely adore the collar on the Moxie Dress; it's so Retro-cool and looks great with a finger-wave hair-do and pearls.  I also love the oversized belt with its ornate buckle and the sweet pearl buttons.  Overall, Anita Claven has outdone herself creating the quintessential retro dress.  You can pick up the Blue Moxie Retdress over at Avici for 300$L by busy with this link:

To scoop this Moxie Dress up off the Marketplace, this is where you need to be:

For something a bit more traditional, this streamlined Beautiful Naa Gown is simply stunning.  The embroidered strapless corset style bodice is lovingly crafted and flows into a lovely charcoal skirt.  Buttons adorn the back of the gown and the whole effect is one of feminine elegance.

The lovely Naa Gown also comes with this dainty and sweet floral fascinator.  This dress is great for formal events and would look great with a pair of long black gloves.  It would also work great as a gothic piece, so this really is quite a versatile number.  The Naa Gown is now for sale over at Avici for 575$L and could be yours today! Simply TP over to the store via the following landmark:

Once again, you can pick up Avici's Naa Gown on Marketplace; it's just a click away:

As well as a large range of high-quality mesh and non-mesh clothing, Avici also create accessories, custom tattoos, and even buildings! Also, as mentioned, Anita Claven is also a photographer and offers some great packages:
**All photos are Processed and May include painted hair and body parts free of charge**

1 HeadShot - 500$L
1 Body shot clothed - 525$L
1 Body shot nude - 675$L
1 Couple Shot Clothed - 700$L or two for 1200$L
1 Couple Shot Nude - 1500$L or two for 2300$L

Simple Layer Work: 1-3 Layers plus text - 600$L each
Heavy Layer Work - 4+ Layers plus text 1200$L each

-Portfolio Options - 
Modeling Portfolio (simple) 25000$L 
Includes: 2 headshots, 4 body shots clothed, 4 nudes, or 2 HeadShots, 2 clothed body shots/2 artistic shots and 4 nudes - Clothing Change of up to  4 times. You may also swap out the nudes for more clothed if you'd like. 

Modeling Portfolio (deluxe) 4500$L
Includes: 4 Headshots, 8 Body shots (clothed) 5 nudes and 4 artistic avant garde. - book is trans and copiable but no mod

Additional photos to the packages may be purchased at 100$L per body shot nude or clothed and 75$L per headshot. - Book is trans and  copiable but no mod

Wedding and Party Packages:
13 photos or so at the wedding for 10,000$L, and then Anita also normally offers the bride and groom studio shots together in their gowns after the wedding for an additional 2.5 for 4 photos. or Bride can get photos of her solo in her gown and presumably bridal lingerie for an additional 2.3 -deluxe package is all of the above for 15,000$L

-Prices are Subject to change, and negotiable. IM Anita anytime. IMs don't cap, if for any reason you are unhappy with your completed photos Anita will retake any and reprocess them for no extra charge. Or if finally you are completely disatisfied, Anita will refund your price in full minus the Booking Fee.

To see Anita's work on FlickR, check out the following link:

Avici also have their very own blog which is well worth a look to see what this versatile label is getting up to:

I had a lot of fun doing so many different looks in the one post; can't wait to see what else Avici has to offer!

You have to give it to Masoom; they are always involved in so many hunts throughout SL.  In fact, Masoom is participating in a massive FOUR new hunts this month! I'm lucky enought to share the prizes provided by this generous store with you all this post.  Pay close attention and I'll even give you a few hints on how to find these wonderful items.

This sweet Liza Dress is Masoom's contribution to the Bubbly Hearts Hunt.  With Valentine's Day swiftly approaching, this heart embellished number is the perfect romantic oufit.  I love the one-shoulder look and the skirt has a lovely and natural swishy effect.

The Bubbly Hearts Hunt started on January 20th and will be running all the way until February 20th, so you have plenty of time to scoop this one up.  Don't leave it too long though! Your clue for this one is to look for a pink heart.  Seems fitting! Just a note; this item will cost you 1$L; such a small price to pay!

For more information on the Bubbly Hearts Hunt, take a look at the following site.  The Aubin Chimo Hunts Page contains all the official information including sponsors and hunt items:

This pretty floral number is the Masoom Flower Power Dress and it is available as part of the Steampunk Meets Flowerpower Hunt.  Mixing prints is seriously in vogue right now,  but can be tricky.  With this dress, Masoom takes out all the hard work! The Steampunk Meets FlowerPower is a really fun and unique hunt; at each location you might get a steampunk item or a flowerpower item; and at some locations you will even get a mix of both!

You too can get your hands on this lovely Flowerpower Dress for FREE; simply get on over to Masoom and start searching for a flower (that's your hint guys!).  To see a full list of the contributing designers, a notecard (also containing hints and SLURLs) is available at the starting store at Bees Heaven:

This graceful Fairy Pose 2 is yet another Hunt item from Masoom, this time as part of the Tattered Fairy Hunt.  This hunt finishes at the end of the month (January 31st), so hurry up and get over to Masoom before you miss out! This one is also 100% FREE.  You can see all the vendor contributions for the Tattered Fairy Hunt on the following website:

Two more hunt items! These tattoos are from two different hunts; the balloons on my belly are part of the Up, Up and Away Hunt that runs until the end of the month (January 31st).  For just 1$L this one can be yours; just look instore at Masoom for a yellow balloon.  For more information on the Up, Up and Away Hunt, including hints and SLURL's, check out the official webpage right here:

Another tattoo is the 'You Live Here' tattoo that is FREE as part of the Pimp My Valentine Hunt. This hunt started on the 15th January and will be running all the way until the 15th February.  A notecard containing all the contributing stores' SLURLs is available at the start of the hunt, which is at the following location:

This notecard also contains the hunt rules and a prize preview.  You can also pick up the hunt 'pill HUD' which has hints for each location; rather innovative really!

I wore this cute and sexy Masoom Corset Dress in Sea Blue with both of these funky tattoos.  You can find the corset dress instore at Masoom for 150$L by clicking on the following SLURL:

You will find all of the fun and fantastic hunt items mentioned in this post over at Masoom, so click on the following landmark and start hunting!!

Everyone loves a good hunt, and thanks to Masoom you now have four to keep you busy!! 

You may recall that just over a week ago I brought you Azul's MVW Japan Gown as worn by Shinobu Istmal.  This post I am so very pleased to be showing you the gown worn by MVW USA, Imani Enzo, yet another stunning Azul creation.  As a large proportion of the SL fashion world (and indeed much of the SL population itself) is from this proud nation, I think this item has a certain special significance to many.

This satin figure hugging gown is flows into a lovely shirred skirt and is trimmed with lovely dual-toned feathers.  As always, Azul has released this gorgeous gown in eight lovely and dream-like colours, including Amethyst as seen here.

The exquisite satin detail is especially noticeable around the ruched bustline and shaded lower torso.  The minty tones of the Alexandrite version of the Imani Enzo Gown are soothing and sweet.

The dual-tone feathers make an especially bold statement in the Champagne version of this Azul creation.  The feathers cover only the left side of the bust, before adorning both shoulders.  This assymetric look is echoed further down, as the feathers wrap diagonally around the hips, accentuating and highlighting curves.

This Coral version of the 2013 MVW USA Gown from Azul just exudes femininity and sweetness.  The soft and subtle blushed tones mean this is a great option for a bridal gown and a refreshing alternative to virginal white.

In Garnet this gown really makes a statement.  I love how the shirred and layered skirt seems to simply glide along the ground.  This shirring is echoed again to the back of neck where a veil-like capelet shimmies behind in the breeze.

This closer shot shows the intricate detail of the feather work on the Sapphire version of the Azul Imani Enzo Gown.  It also shows how carefully the composition has been created; indeed it is evident just how much work Mami Jewel has put into the making of this beautiful piece.  This version is my Pick of the Kitty Litter; there is something about this mature shade that really brings out the best in this gown.

For those who prefer traditional pure white for a wedding gown, what better entrance to make to your wedding than adorned in the MVW USA Gown? In Pearl this Azul dress creates an irridescent aura and you are sure to attract all the awe required as a bride.

In Onyx, this Gown instantly becomes a statement piece.  All eight versions of the Imani Enzo MVW 2013 Miss USA Gown can be found instore at Azul.  Each gown retails for 1000$L; to pick out your favourite TP on over to Azul's inworld store:

It's so lovely that Mami Jewel has released these MVW gowns for all of us to enjoy; you don't have to be a Miss Virtual World to feel like the most beautiful avatar in the room.  I'm no Imani Enzo but in this gown I feel positively sensational! Thankyou Mami and thankyou Azul!